Research Papers and Interests

Most of my research has a practical purpose: to produce an effective, accurate font; to investigate and create new technical tools; to fill in gaps of understanding in me or in the type and computing industries. Some of my main interests:

  • Minority language computing and publishing
  • Legibility and readability
  • Extended Latin and Cyrillic design, inc. diacritics
  • The relationship between type and calligraphy
  • Open source tools and workflows
  • Sculptural lettering and its use in Christian worship spaces
  • Italic type design, including non-Latin italics (what does that even mean?)

Very little of this research has been written up in formal papers, but here are two that may be of interest:

Some of my diacritics research, alongside technical demonstrations, are in a webinar I gave on Designing Diacritics with FontLab Studio 5.

I’ve given a number of presentations at type conferences on my research interests. See the About page for a complete listing.

My current focus is the italic design process. That research is being completed as part of a PhD programme at the University of Reading, England. More details can be found in my Research Proposal.

Online identities: